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About Us

E.B. Carlson Marketing, Inc. has provided our clients careful counsel and the best in sales and marketing representation since its founding in 1990.  Our wealth of contacts and resolve guarantees your products the best chance of success in the retail  and eCommerce channels. 


Amazon Services

Fulfillment Strategy

The decision to sell your products directly to Amazon or ship to fulfillment centers (the FBA model) is a crucial one for an Amazon vendor. E.B. Carlson Marketing analyzes each of your products’ profitability to determine if it is in your best interest to use Vendor Central, Seller Central or a combination of the two.  Using our vendor contacts at Amazon and experience with all aspects of Seller Central, we execute the plan to ensure your products have the best chance of success.

Content & Conversion

Nowadays, everyone knows the online appearance of your products is paramount. Even at traditional retail, savvy customers review pricing and specs on their smartphones before they purchase. Amazon is also the go-to shopping research site. More than 50% of shoppers start investigating products on Amazon; therefore, your brand presentation needs to be appealing and informative. E.B. Carlson Marketing optimizes your content and features to engage with customers. By monitoring and soliciting reviews, answering questions, improving bullet copy and highlighting your distinctive content, we dispel uncertainty and raise conversion.


Amazon’s pay-per-click advertising services (formerly known as AMS) is a chance to take control of dollars that would be squirreled away as MDF at traditional retailers. E.B. Carlson Marketing helps you articulate your brand’s advertising - from consolidating a market position against copycats or increasing brand awareness. We then aggressively pursue your objective using the full range of Amazon advertising options at your disposal. We also interface with Amazon ad reps to alert you to new opportunities and maximize your return on investment.

Brand Protection & Distribution

Making sure your products are your own is a huge part of a successful Amazon business.          E.B. Carlson Marketing will register your brand at Amazon and aggressively target imitations and 3rd party sellers that dilute your brand’s impact. Our extensive experience in traditional retail qualifies us to advise on distribution with a rare multichannel perspective. We know that you are aggressive about sales in all areas, and we will make sure that your policies are the most profitable for you at Amazon and in the wider marketplace.


Our Services

Sales & Marketing

For more than 25 years, E.B. Carlson Marketing has delivered sales results that are best in class.  We are consistently humbled by the number of clients that call us “the best rep group they work with.”  We excel in delivering sound advice and sales results that meet or exceed our clients' expectations.

Channel Strategy

We formulate a holistic channel strategy to ensure a harmonious channel for all segments of the market including ecommerce, mass retail and wholesale clubs.  Most importantly, we listen to you, learn your goals, and become a valued extension of your company.

Account Strategy & Management

All account strategies require proper planning.  We visit stores and analyze ecommerce to learn about your company, your competition, and understand how your brand and products fit within the market.  From there, we  motivate and inspire buyers and executives at the targeted accounts.  Once planning is complete, our relationships and reputation within each account secure the all-important first meeting and guide you through win-win negotiations. Once up and running, we evaluate and execute marketing programs that will help you maximize sales. 

Vendor Onboarding

Our expertise working with EDI Partners, 3PLs, routing guides and each retailer’s specific portals speeds the onboarding process and avoids costly pitfalls and delays.  Once your vendor number has been established by the retailer, we manage the new item set up and maintenance process for each of our clients.

Business Insights and Analytics

We provide advanced analyses and reporting to allow you to answer critical business questions. Sell through and forecasting data is thoughtfully analyzed to help you measure ad performance, maximize sales, optimize inventory turns and drive profitability.



Our Customers


Meet The Team

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Edwin Carlson

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Thirty plus years of industry experience imbue a measured, long-term perspective in Ed, which has repeatedly helped our vendors establish enduring financial success.

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David Rhodes

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A creative marketer, strategist and tenacious sales leader, David will help set your company on a path to success at Best Buy, Target and several other key accounts.

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Norman St. Jacques 

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An industrious retail veteran, Norman understands the business inside and out and leverages his strong relationships at diverse accounts such as Staples, MarMaxx Group, BJ's, and Costco on your company's behalf.

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Michael Sacks

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Mike has a wealth of experience in the office supply world as a former DMM at Staples.  He works assiduously to make sure that all potential obstacles for your business are prepared for before they are encountered. Mike manages Staples, Staples CA, BJ's and CVS.

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Dean Dimitroff

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Dean, a former Buyer and Inventory Analyst for OSS & CE retailers and the distribution channel, is immensely knowledgeable not just about the OSS channel but also about Broadcast and Airport retail, managing vendors at Office Depot, Qurate Retail Group (QVC & HSN) and InMotion amongst others.

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John Carlson

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John is an expert at all facets of Amazon, including fulfillment strategy, advertising, chargeback disputes and brand registration. Additionally John provides knowledgeable support to promote business at Wayfair, HSN, OD and other retailers.

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Sue McCarthy

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Sue is the authority on  everything related to product management. She guides our vendors through all sorts of hang-ups and troubleshooting - she has seen it all.

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Susan Bombard

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Susan provides invaluable support to our vendors - overseeing item creation and consulting on shipping, billing, content concerns, etc.

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