About Us

EB Carlson was established and incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts February, 1990.

We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards and believe that the following ingredients are fundamental to our success:

Quality Products/Quality Principalsintegrity
As long term relationships are the key to our success, it is essential that we offer products that fulfill the needs of our customers. We are dedicated to building and maintaining professional relationships built on trust and performance.

The foundation for the business allows for proper budgeting and territorial management. The company’s planning process includes the capability to provide our principals with both quarterly and annual forecasts. We have implemented an automated Representative Management System (RPMS) to guarantee consistent account coverage and to improve the availability of sales information to both our customers and manufacturers.

The company is adequately capitalized which allows it to provide for the continued growth and development of the company and its principals.

As expertise and time are our salable assets, we attract, motivate, and retain the most talented people in our industry, as well as provide opportunities for all employees to make the best use of their abilities.

Our References

Allsop: Ryan Allsop, President, Phone: 360-220-4472
Merangue International, Ltd.: John Moreau, President, Phone: 905-946-0707
Zagg, Inc.: John Melville, Director of Sales, Phone: 801-263-0699 x177
Verbatim Americas, LLC: Hollie Malinovsky, National Account Manager,
Phone: 704-547-6513
Midland Radio: Mike Hannigan, National Account Manager, Phone: 816-241-8500
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